Experience luxury living at Baan Rom Yen, "The Sanctuary of Serenity". Discover exquisite villas nestled in a scenic golf course. It's more than a property; it's sophistication and unrivaled luxury.

With ten lavish villas, architectural finesse meets stunning golf course views. Baan Rom Yen is a sanctuary where comfort and the extraordinary coexist.

We provide not just a home, but an elevated lifestyle. Our attentive property management services ensure your peace of mind.

Welcome to Baan Rom Yen, where serenity meets opulence. Join us on this remarkable living journey.

The Concept

Welcome to a realm of refined living where we curate spaces infused with beauty and light. At Baan Rom Yen, every villa is meticulously designed to harness the power of natural illumination, creating elegant private retreats that resonate with warmth and vitality.
Baan Rom Yen redefines luxury living by melding architectural brilliance with cutting-edge designs. Our homes set a new benchmark in style and comfort, going beyond the ordinary to deliver the extraordinary.
We believe your home should be more than just a dwelling; it should be a sanctuary that reflects your personality and lifestyle. With this belief, we aspire to create a living environment that not only enhances your quality of life but also imbues every day with a sense of fulfillment and joy.
Our commitment to personalisation sets us apart. At Baan Rom Yen, every home is intricately designed around your lifestyle and bespoke preferences. We believe in transforming your unique visions into reality, creating custom-built homes that perfectly align with your distinctive taste and needs. Experience the charm of a home that’s truly yours at Baan Rom Yen.

Location Location Location

Baan Rom Yen, nestled directly on the captivating Springfield golf course—an official Bird Sanctuary—offers a serene environment replete with stunning views, ultimate privacy, and the quintessential resort experience you've always envisioned.
Endowed with a plethora of amenities including multiple restaurants, a large swimming pool, various activity zones, a rejuvenating health spa, a boutique hotel, and the thrilling golf course itself, this unique enclave is the epitome of comfort and unrivalled luxury.
Rooted in luxury and celebrated for its harmonious blend of design excellence and exceptional service, Baan Rom Yen stands as a tropical sanctuary. The village effortlessly blends with the surrounding nature, providing an open view of the golf course and the magnificent mountains beyond, creating a tranquil retreat that coexists beautifully with its lush surroundings. Here, experience luxury in its purest form, embraced by nature.

Our Approach

At Baan Rom Yen, we prioritize clarity and transparency in guiding you towards realizing your dream villa. Our initial discussions help establish a tailored budget based on your vision and needs. Skilled architects and engineers then create detailed drawings for building permits, contractor coordination, and refining budgets.

With expertise in designing and constructing over 50 villas, we cater to your preferred level of involvement, whether it's being present on-site weekly or monitoring progress remotely. Our budgeting is transparent, encompassing all finishes, allowances, and optional features such as solar energy, smart home technology, and custom-designed furniture. The developer's management fee is specified upfront to avoid unexpected costs.

Throughout construction, we provide weekly updates with videos and pictures, ensuring you stay informed and witness the progress of your dream home. Our lawyer can address legal matters such as land ownership, company setup, and home ownership, while supporting your due diligence conducted by external legal counsel.

At Baan Rom Yen, our aim is to make your journey towards luxury living smooth, transparent, and enjoyable. Let us work together to bring your dream villa to life.

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Masterplan of Baan Rom Yen